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Understanding your 'WHY' is key to your success and drive.

Andy’s ‘WHY’ is a strong desire to help people succeed and gain freedom.

What exactly ‘Freedom’ means is different for everyone however, depending on the person it may mean gaining:

Whatever it means to the individual, some sort of FREEDOM is what every business owner desires and Andy loves to work with people to achieve it.

This WHY has been evident in the businesses and pastimes that he has pursued throughout his life.


As a coach, I think the most important qualification you can have is:

“I have already done this for myself, successfully.” 

There are so many coaches and consultants out there that have never run a business, let alone a successful one, so be careful when choosing.

Important information for you:
Andys focus is always delivering results you desire.


While running all of these businesses, the focus has always been to use the services to help other businesses succeed. For example, the Print company which was set up in 2000 was and still is within an industry that is very commodity-driven along with constant cost pressures; this often makes it a race to the bottom, a difficult industry to thrive in, but Andy did by having a different approach from the start. For him, it was always about advising and using print within the sales process to help a specific company achieve results, not selling a commodity for the cheapest price. First and foremost, Print always had to deliver results.

Due to this approach, Andy worked much more closely with clients and teams to use print successfully and impactfully. This differentiation was the key to success then and still is today.

It was also this approach that lead to the development of his client roadmap, something that helps him support his clients as little or as much as they need. More about that later.

Networking and Training

Andy’s first experience with networking was like it is for many: a little terrifying and overwhelming. While working one-to-one with people was easy as he was passionate and speaking from a place of knowledge, standing up to speak in front of a group of people he didn’t know brought with it a whole new and different set of challenges.

Using various techniques to help himself, over time, he turned this into his advantage. Since learning to network successfully and winning a lot of business from his efforts, Andy even started training others to network using the same skills that worked for him. He went on to create a series of workshops and trained groups across South Wales to network effectively and develop the skills they needed. Again, his passion was at the forefront of this project: working with people to succeed.

Important information for you:
Andy uses only real experiences and teaches only the skills that have worked for himself.

Important information for you:
Andy will help you develop your weakness to unlock your potential.


It was from this first terrifying networking experience that Andy realised that he needed to master his speaking skills if he was to move his business forward. He knew it would be far from easy but he embarked on a journey where he constantly pushed himself out of his comfort zone in order to build the necessary skills that he needed.

The pinnacle of his journey was when he took the plunge and joined the Professional Speaking Association. He entered the associations regional speaking competition which he won and then went on to represent the South Wales region nationally at the International conference. He was successful and won the overall Professional Speaking Association’s National Speaking Award. The following year he then went on to do a keynote talk main stage at their International Conference in front of 250 other professional speakers and still to this day speaks regularly at various business conferences and events.

Quite a journey!

Very proud and dedicated member of the RNLI.

Facing different challenges with the lifeboat, it was this aspect of his life that made him realise just how important planning and communication are to taking the right kind of action. Much like a rescue, it could mean the difference between failure or success.

From zero experience with boats or, in fact, the Sea, Andy trained hard and worked his way up to become Helm of a RNLI lifeboat crew experiencing life-threatening conditions for a number of years. What he took away from this period of his life was that the RNLI always achieved results and it was all down to two factors: an amazing training structure and a clear, actionable process that they followed on every rescue.

Using his unique experiences – over 25 years running successful businesses and insights as a RNLI helm – Andy has applied this to business and created an approach that not only gets people thinking about the importance of planning and actionable steps, but also how communication and support is key to a successful outcome.


“On the lifeboat, I wouldn’t go out on a search and rescue without knowing what our objective was and being sure that we had the tools and training for success. It’s exactly the same for my business."

Important information for you: with a particular focus on people, building skills, building relationships, structure and planning, Andy will help you move your business to the next level just like he has with countless other business owners.

How? By introducing you to his concept of “The Client Journey.” This is the roadmap that gives your business direction and results.

as your coach

Unlike many other business coaches and trainers, Andy has worked up to coaching by achieving business success and freedom himself. Using this knowledge and experience, he will support you from start to finish from helping you clarify what you want to achieve and outlining the stepping stones that you need to get there to holding you accountable and helping you to take action so that you’re always setting your course in your right direction.

How Andy’s experience can help you achieve the Freedom you desire:

A lot of business is lost through our inability to communicate with each other clearly, from not following up with potential leads and from having holes in your process or not knowing what action to take.

With the belief that a clear objective, a great structure, people and our interactions with them are key to success in every aspect of life, like an RNLI helm, Andy will teach you to take control of your success.


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