Gain more freedom by ramping up your business

Having run a number of successful businesses for the last 25 years, Andy is passionate about working with and supporting small-to-medium-sized business owners to move their business forward.

From the early days of setting up our business, we just took on any job we could. We needed the money. But as the business grew, this approach was just creating problems. We now drive our business towards work that only suits us and makes us money.

Move towards your Goals

As a business coach, Andy loves getting hands-on and working with owners and entrepreneurs. He believes that organisation, structure, development of skills and execution make up the foundation to success.

Get out of the Rut

Many people start their business because they have a passion or a dream but become stuck somewhere down the line with no real ideas about how to move forward. Andy gives the inspiration and actionable steps needed to get them out of the day-to-day grind.

As well as a successful businessman, avid speaker and sought-after business coach, Andy was also a very proud and dedicated member of the RNLI.

Facing different challenges with the lifeboat, it was this aspect of his life that made him realise just how important planning and communication are to taking the right kind of action. Much like a rescue, it could mean the difference between failure or success.

Unlike other “about me” sections, I only briefly talk about my experiences to explain to you why I have the outlook that I do with business and how I can use it to help you.

Essentially, this is the ‘information-about-me-that-is-important-to-you’ section.

Rediscover your passion and start growing your business sustainably

While working with numerous businesses, first on a marketing level, we found that they were all making the same big mistake. Their marketing approach was to get more and more people into the pipeline so they were throwing as much information out there on as many levels as possible with the idea that this would get more attention and therefore more clients.

What they didn’t take into account with this approach was that they would more likely attract the wrong type of client, that their business may not be ready to serve them, and that they may be losing clients at the other end, clients that they actually want.

Working with these businesses made me realise that to be effective, Marketing and Business development should go hand-in-hand. Before I could deliver on a marketing strategy, we had to get the groundwork right; we had to have a solid foundation. 

This is what I started to help business owner do.

Build your business strategy then marketing will be effective and sustainable

Marketing and success are about the shape of the whole business; it’s every touch point along the way from winning business and delivering the service to retaining clients and gaining referrals.

When you understand your business goals, your vision and your ideal clients, and have a strategy to attract them and deliver your service effectively, only then can you create a business strategy and a marketing strategy for success.

Do you want…?

Andy loves working with business owners who are passionate about what they do and who want to move their business to the next level.

By preparing the ground with solid foundations, he can help you build a business structure and marketing strategy that delivers success.


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